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Dr. Lon's Amazing

Dr. Lon's Amazing Science Magic ​Show can be customized to suit the audience and the occasion. Depending on the available time, a full-length show will last from 45-minutes to one-hour. Also, brief shows of a half-hour or less can be arranged for corporate events or for guest appearances on TV shows and media events. 

Shows for Young Kids

These shows are best suited for kids in the 5 to 8 year range. They take into account the short attention-spans, high energy levels, natural curiosity, and fascination with nature of kids in this age range. The banter and interaction with the demonstrations also take into consideration their level of maturity and comprehension. Kids this age are mostly interested in the effect of the demonstrations ... and the more mystifying and visually-stunning the effect the better. Shows for kids can also be enhanced by adding the story-telling option (see below).

Shows for Pre-Teens

These shows are geared for kids in the 9 to 12 year range. The demonstrations are highly engaging and entertaining, but they also account for the fact that pre-teens are capable of abstract reasoning. In other words, they enjoy being challenged to think, AND they rapidly lose interest if they aren't. Pre-teens are interested in the effect of the demonstrations, but they also want to know WHY the demonstrations produce the effects that they do. The story-telling option can also be added to shows for older kids (see below)

Shows for Teens

Teens enjoy science magic demonstrations that relate to the real-world ... demonstrations that are fun but also "mind-boggling." ... demonstrations that make science come alive! Also, because of their more fully developed abstract reasoning skills they like to ask "What if?" questions to explore how the outcome of a demonstration may be affected by changing the variables and conditions. The science magic show for teens takes these factors into consideration..

​Shows for Adults
Shows for adults consist of exciting, fun-filled demonstrations that involve a high-degree of involvement and interaction.on the part of the participants. These shows take advantage of the fact that adults like to have fun by getting into the demonstrations, but they also enjoy laughing at each other. Shows for adults can be purely entertaining or they can be used to support a theme, such as leadership, creativity, change, team-building, etc.

Keynote Presentation: The Anatomy of Curiosity

If you're looking for a thought-provoking presentation that's fun, engaging, and rich in content for your corporate event or social affair, consider Dr. Lon's presentation, The Anatomy of Curiosity. Using "amazing" science demonstrations as object lessons, Dr. Lon describes three types of curiosity that seed creativity and innovation and also breathe life and energy into team-based projects. Dr. Lon also describes curiosity-enhancers and curiosity-killers, giving leaders a framework for nurturing curiosity within their organizations. 

Story-Telling Option
Dr. Lon is the author of the children's book, Where Do Magical Banjos Come From? As an optional add-on to the show, Dr. Lon will read his book aloud and then invite the participants to answer questions about the source of the "magic" that makes the banjo in the story magical. (Hint: The answer has much to do with passion, imagination, ingenuity, dedication, and persistence.) This option will require an additional half-hour.


Service Area

Dr. Lon's Amazing Science Magic Show can be delivered at the client's location of choice. We are based in central New Hampshire but can travel to other locales and neighboring states by special arrangement.

Indoors or outdoors

A great science magic show can be delivered either indoors or outdoors, however, the setting will affect the choice of demonstrations since some work better outdoors and some work better indoors where the lighting can be regulated. When requesting information, please specify whether the show will be indoors or outdoors.

Setup Requirements

Dr. Lon will need 30-minutes of uninterrupted setup time prior to the show. Will also need the following:

  • Convenient access to an electrical outlet
  • A suitable staging area for the show (at least 8 ft wide x 6 ft deep), preferably on a tile, marble, hardwood, or concrete floor; also no physical obstructions from furniture, curtains, cords, etc.
  • Authorization from the facility owner or manager to conduct the demonstrations in the designated area
  • For Indoor Shows: Will need appropriate lighting (preferably dimmable, plus ability to darken the room)
  • For Outdoor Shows: Will need shelter from the elements; also a backup plan in case of inclement weather

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